Hazardous Waste Removal

There’s not a single question that there are waste products that can be hazardous to human health as well as the environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s commercial waste, or manufacturing waste, the simple fact is that some of that waste needs to be properly disposed of. If it’s not properly disposed of, it can cause various problems.

What Is A Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous wastes are items or products that will pose a threat to, or cause direct damage to either human health, or the environment. The definition is really that simple.

Due to the threat these substances pose to health and environment, it goes without saying that they have to be dealt with correctly. They can’t simply be thrown into the trash or down the drain. There are a number of things considered hazardous waste. These include, but are not limited to:

    Commercial Hazardous Waste/Materials

  • Mechanical or automotive products. These are things such as oil filters, motor oil, and other automotive fluids. Gasoline, antifreeze, and wax are also considered hazardous wastes.
  • Batteries are also considered hazardous waste, due to the acidic substances they contain. It doesn’t matter if these batteries are commercial, or car batteries.
  • Electronics are often considered hazardous waste material. While they are primarily made of plastic and metal, there are often other substances that can cause damage to the environment if not disposed of properly. Due to that fact, you should always ensure that you treat any electronic product, such as televisions, laptop computers, DVD players, and other such products as if they are hazardous waste.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs, as well as any other fluorescent product, is considered hazardous waste.
  • Any and all commercial cleaning products are considered hazardous waste. While this is especially true of the chemical based cleaning products, even the cleaning products considered “all natural” have to be considered hazardous waste. They’re designed to eat through dirt and grime, after all, and this oftentimes means they could have some harmful products in them.
  • Paint products, such as wood stain, wood preservatives, as well as PCB caulk, are considered hazardous waste. Naturally, paints such as spray paints, oil and latex paints, and any other paint can be a hazardous waste, as well.
  • Gardening chemicals are often considered hazardous waste. While it may seem odd that chemicals used in gardening can be hazardous, it’s important to remember that hazardous waste doesn’t just pose a threat to the environment. There are many kinds of fertilizers that can cause a number of health problems if not dealt with carefully.

Disposing Of Hazardous Chemical Products

If you need to dispose of hazardous chemical products, you may need to Contact Eastern Environmental Technologies. We would be happy to discuss the hazardous chemicals in question, and provide our services for chemical waste disposal if necessary.

Whenever you have products marked as hazardous, or if you’re not certain, be sure to Contact Eastern Environmental Technologies. We will be able to tell you whether or not the product is considered hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

There are several requirements towards the management of hazardous waste as required by the state. It can get complicated when small companies have to meet these requirements as individuals. When looking at the financial implications, it is best that small company’s streamline the disposal of waste by-products seek the service of waste disposal companies. Whether you are looking for hazardous or chemical waste disposal, seeking professional services is the best option.

Laws and Regulations

You must beware of what is termed as waste as by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the mode of disposing or recycling of the defined waste. This body clearly defines the different types of waste and the levels of waste generation. The various rules apply to disposal right from the point of generation to the final disposal. Therefore, it is important to read and understand the requirements in an effort to ensure that the environment remains safe.

Concerns over Hazardous Waste Management

There are various benefits that come with seeking professional waste disposal. These include preservation of the environment; it improves the company’s internal workflow processes, cuts on costs, as well as saves on space. In reference to financial savings, it is best that you dispose of waste on a regular basis as opposed to allowing waste pile up then dispose of it. This is because it takes less work force as well as time to dispose frequently thus saving on funds.

Waste that is allowed to rest on the floe tends to get on the way of your workers thus disrupting workflow processes. For those storing waste outside, it is no good either. This is because the waste occupies space that would have been used to serve other purposes.

Exposing your employees to stored waste is dangerous and is likely to cause them harm. This leads to sickness and a low morale. Other than harm to employees, your company will suffer from fines and lawsuits once it is identified that you are breaking regulations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Overall, production lines slow down and returns are low.

Services offered by Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies

The services offered by hazardous waste disposal companies may differ depending on the waste they address, but the following are the services to expect.

– Information on the different methods of handling hazardous waste material
– They abide to all State and Federal laws so you do not have to worry about lawsuits
– They customize a comprehensive hazardous waste disposal plan that is ideal to meet your company’s objectives and goals.
– They oversee collection of hazardous waste material as well as transportation, disposal, or recycling. This includes hazardous waste removal and chemical waste recycling.

Bottom Line

It is advisable that you take responsibility and address all concerns regarding the disposal of waste material. Breaking of any waste disposal laws will hold you liable and it is best that you seek the services of a waste disposal company. These companies offer financial benefits, promote smooth operations in your company, and ensure safety to your employees through hazardous waste disposal.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal